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The Music

Korinnya Release date: November 6th, 2020

Album Description

Combining her love for roots reggae music with that of Auresia’s Ukrainian roots and heritage, her 4th album Коріння (meaning ‘Roots’ and pronounced-‘Korinnya’) is an extension of her essence and creation, embodying traditional Ukrainian instrumentation such as Bandura and Cimbalom (dulcimer).
It was recorded, mixed and mastered at some of the top studios in Ukraine, Havana, Cuba and in Canada and featuring some of Ukraine’s best musicians. Коріння (Korinnya) artistically expresses Auresia’s love for traditional Ukrainian instruments and melodies with deep tropical heavy roots grooves while her dulcet and meditative vocals soar throughout taking you on a journey and discovery back to your roots.

Track Listing

  • Коріння (Korinnya)
  • У Дорозі Знов (U Dorozi Znov)
  • Закохана (Zakohana)
  • Чудовий день (Chudovyi Den)
  • Лечу (Lechu)
  • Шоколад (Shokolad)
  • За Правду (Za Pravdu)
  • Червона рута (Chervona Ruta)
  • Зоре Моя (Zore Moya)