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10 Nov, 2018

Auresia Releases First Ukrainian Single into the World November 13, 2018

When Auresia returned to her roots in Ukraine and met her ancestral kinfolk for the first time,  she couldn’t have known how her heart and soul would be stirred by the homeland of her family.  The lands that weave their way through her blood and bones called Auresia back to Ukraine a second time to record a Roots Reggae album in her native tongue;  as she releases her first single to the world-‘Chervona Ruta’  with her reggae signature. View music video here.

Chervona Ruta album cover‘“Chervona Ruta”  (Ukrainian: Червона рута)  is a popular Ukrainian song written by Volodymyr Ivasyukin 1968 and due to its popularity was performed by many singers.  It is named after a mythological flower,  the Chervona Ruta,  which if found turning a red colour by a young girl,  was meant to bring happiness in love.

— Auresia