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29 Nov, 2016

Auresia Releases her 3rd Album- Raíces to the World on Tuesday, November 29th!

Bringing forward the sounds of traditional acoustic instruments from Cuba and her native Ukraine, Raices is fully comprised of organic instrumentation, impressively blending Roots-Reggae and Afro-Cuban rhythms with folk-pop lyrics and melodies paired by Auresia’s sweet-as-honey voice.

Recorded between Cuba, Ukraine and Canada, Raices, is a true labor of love. Trading in the simple fun of her first two records for a more refined sound, Auresia delivers a raw, truthful interpretation of everyday life and the realities of being a strong woman. The one thing that hasn’t changed, however, is her deep-rooted passion for Reggae and Latin music. Although most of her lyrics are sung in English, she masterfully weaves in Spanish phrases,her native Ukrainian, as well as words in Lakota, the native tongue of the people of the Sioux tribes. Auresia is not the kind of artist you encounter every day. It’s this very element of surprise that makes this singer-songwriter one of the most exciting young Canadian
talents emerging in the industry today.

— Auresia