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20 Oct, 2020

Auresia’s (Ореся)  - Weaving Roots Together - Korinnya (Cплітаючи Kоріння) Mini-Documentary!!

From my early years growing up to traveling and my personal inspirations along the way, this documentary, “Weaving Roots Together- Cплітаючи Kоріння” Міні-документальний фільм is a long time coming and I am grateful to share it with you all today! It reveals a lot about my upbringing and personal life, roots in music and cultures that I was exposed to,  I always try to follow my heart.
When I returned to my roots in Ukraine and met my ancestral kinfolk for the first time, I couldn’t have known how my heart and soul would be stirred by the homeland of my family. The lands that weave their way through her blood and bones called me back to Ukraine a second time to record a Roots Reggae album in my native tongue and dig deeper into the culture.

Produced by Katana Film- katanafilmltee@gmail.comAuresia Korinnya Mini-Documentary

— Auresia