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22 Nov, 2019

“Lift’s Me Higher” Hot New Single Mulit-Collab. between Cuba, Holland & Canada Out Today!

A song dedicated to the love of music itself and the inspiration it envokes, this is a feel good song that you can’t help to dance to! How did this groovy international single come about?  ‘Well, when I was travellin’ in Cuba a couple years ago to create my album, I met some amazing talented artists (MC Yeyo, MC Pellon, MC Rookie, Levis & Sketch4) and as I was developing my songs jamming in the local square, we just ended up jamming. Such a musical city, we would literally jam and walk where ever we went. There was this local studio that all the urban artists would hang out (including CandyMan) and one day all 6 of us were there at the same time with this amazing soulful singer from Holland- Susan Iris, who was traveling around as well to absorb some latin musical inspiration. We said, let’s record a song together now! Inspired by our love and inspiring nature of music, we literally wrote and recorded the song in an afternoon.”- Auresia

Lifts Me Higher


— Auresia